WHY? Get Clear Again


Please watch these real news broadcasts of reports on exactly why I have started this business. I have eliminated this problem and when I am finished with your headlights, they are better than new when you get the “Permanent” option because they will be clear with UV PROTECTION for as long as you own your car! Watch these reports all the way through. I am not affiliated with these news channels in any way! I simply want you to have the truth about this danger.  I want to do this for you, your children, and loved ones. I have priced it as low as possible so every person can afford it. In fact, this service gives your vehicle an immediate increase in value that far exceeds the low price of Get Clear Again service. Along with the added safety to you and your loved ones and the assurance they are cleared correctly for many years to come, I do not know how anyone can afford not to get my service. After you have watched the videos, contact me and let me correctly fix this looming danger for you.  Thank you and God Bless!

Why use GET CLEAR AGAIN above others? – 1) I will come to you if you live within reason of Asheville or Hendersonville. 2) I have considered the price so that my service is affordable to all. Even a High School student that is working part time can easily afford to have safe, good looking headlights. 3) *PERMANENT* service is GUARANTEED for as long as you own your car.

MY GOAL- “I will work with great care to make your headlights as clear as they can possibly be because I care about your safety and increasing your cars value.”

SAFETY-  If you or your loved one has yellowing/cloudy headlights, the road is not being lit up at night as brightly as it should be. Causing possible damage, injury or death!

VEHICLE VALUE- Just look at a car with ugly, cloudy, yellowing headlights as opposed to the same model vehicle with clear, beautiful headlights. The value of the vehicle with beautiful headlights is a significant increase. Much greater value than the price of this service.

I DO THE WORK- I have tried many of those do it yourself systems, pastes, tricks, and creams. Some of which will damage your headlight and paint surface. All of which do not last very long until oxidation turns them ugly and dangerous again. “ALL YOUR HARD WORK WASTED!” I have developed a safe and proven system to get the headlights back to clear without harm to your vehicle. *PERMANENT* is Guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

Now that you know all this, why not get started today!

Contact me at GetClearAgain@yahoo.com or call (XXX) XXX-XXXX