About Get Clear Again

When I saw my father’s 1997 Ford Thunderbird, I noticed how nice it looked. The only thing on the car that looked bad and dated were the headlights.

They were very cloudy and yellow looking. I knew they could not be lighting the road for him as well as they should.

With this danger lurking as well as just how utterly bad they looked, I started to investigate how to get them clear again.

The first thing I did was look to buy new ones. I quickly found that, not only were they much more expensive than I had thought, they were getting hard to find. I also learned that the local dealership were not getting them in any more because they were discontinued, along with many other of it’s parts.

This began my search to learn the best way, that was affordable, to get them clear again.

I quickly learned that the pastes and polishes which claimed headlight restoration just failed badly and were a complete waste of money.

After trying many ways, I knew I just had to figure it out for myself.

Well, finally I have done it!

I have developed my “Secret System” that will make those ugly, dull, cloudy, yellowish headlights look as clear as new again. After much trial and error, I have it perfected until not only what I consider a perfect job, but at a price that any part time working, high school teen can afford.

So now there is no reason any longer for anyone to put up with those unsafe ugly headlights.

I also believe by bringing those headlights back to proper brightness, this will save many lives.

Don’t drive with dim headlights any longer. Let me do my work and they will “Get Clear Again”.


This is my fathers car after Get Clear Again.

You should have seen how cloudy the lights were before!

NOTE: This service is for oxidized vehicle headlights.

If your headlights are cracked, broken or glass, this is not for you.

This system is for all clear plastic headlight assemblies.

Thank you